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Meadfoot Beach

Meadfoot Beach
Meadfoot Beach is a 5 minute drive and a 15-25 minute walk from Torquay harbour. The coastal path is well worth taking past the Imperial hotel entrance, on to Daddyhole Plain and then down to Meadfoot. This beach has two sides, the nearest to Torquay is dog free in the summer and has a great cafe standing proud over the beach and looking out to sea past Shag Rock to Brixham and past Thatcher Rock to Lyme Bay. One of the favourite beaches for locals you will see plenty of people kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding or just sunning themselves. With a diving/sport shop next to the cafe and an Ice Cream van at the other end of the beach, all food requirements are met. The toilets are also behind the cafe. The beach is a combination of sand and small rocks, depending on the previous week or twos' weather. This is a favourite place to watch bad weather and storm surges as the waves break over the high sea walls in the right conditions. Further out the seabed is rocky and is a popular divers training ground. There are two car parks at either end and if you are quick enough, road parking between the two beach ends as well.


[youtube] Time Lapse video from The Lighthouse apartment overlooking Meadfoot Beach [youtube] This property can be booked on Discovery Holiday Homes
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