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Going on 30 Years

First registered on 28th March 1996, the domain has been representing Torquay in various guises over this period and has seen several web incarnations. Check the Wayback Machine (early versions of the site used Flash, so it may not be retrieved)

Still privately owned, it has provided free visitor information through adverts and articles for years. Now, in 2024, the site is taking a significant leap forward.

AI and smart searching, where a site can use technology that has assimilated information from many sources, are the future.

Although we are still going to add a local flavour, we see Google-type searches losing their power and conversational searches being better suited to a destination.

For this reason, we are embedding an AI tool to help visitors find and use information from the huge and confusing amount available.

Giving Back

If you have local information that is not available on the web and can be integrated and assimilated by our AI model, feel free to contact us.

We monitor the questions and the visitor's interest, and it refines its answers in real-time.

We add adverts that pay for this expensive technology, and any sponsorship is welcomed as we build out this new way of representing destinations.

Email Addresses

Any Torquay resident can also have an inbound email address directed to their normal transactional email for between £50 and £149 per year, depending on the prefix, such as,, or

These may be reserved online shortly.

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