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Occombe Farm


At, we are always happy to promote conservation, a local approach to businesses, and family get-togethers, and Occombe Farm fits all the bills! Occombe Farm is a cornerstone of TCCT's (Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust) efforts, channelling funds into conserving these cherished green spaces. Every purchase made, from a comforting cup of coffee at their café to a delightful cake from the farm shop or even an engaging day spent at our farm park, directly supports the mission. These contributions aid in maintaining the future security of Torbay’s particular green areas for wildlife, people, and generations to treasure. This epitomizes their motto: Good times that do Good!


About Occombe Farm

Designed for children aged 2-12, Occombe brings enchanting play areas to life through immersive coastal, woodland, and countryside-themed zones. Children can explore the beauty of the Bay’s landscapes by climbing up cliff simulations, venturing inside a giant shell, sliding down exhilarating slides, navigating a shipwreck, and even wandering through a woodland filled with musical trees. These are just some of the play areas.

Forest: Relax under the canopy's dappled light, surrounded by the serene sounds of nature.

Shipwreck and Flotsam: Discover a shipwreck semi-buried in the sand, gradually disintegrating and being claimed by the sea.

The Winkle: Embark on a journey of imagination within the confines of a periwinkle shell and zoom down the slide.


Beach Hut: Step into a slice of seaside life with a beach hut that offers a peaceful retreat.

Cliffs: Traverse the coastal path that winds around a Devon cove.

Crawl Space for Tots: This area is designed for crawling and soft play and is dedicated to the youngest explorers under two. 

This imaginative play space offers endless fun while educating and inspiring children about Torbay's stunning natural surroundings, fostering a sense of adventure and discovery.


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Good Eating that does good

Occombe Farm Shop is a treasure trove of the finest regional products, offering an array of locally grown produce, foods, deli treats, regional beverages, unique gifts, and cards.


It serves as a local hub, showcasing the best of Devon and the South West’s offerings. Whether stocking up after a playful day or seeking the perfect gift, the shop provides an array of essentials and indulgences, all contributing to the charitable work in protecting Torbay's natural splendour.

At the heart of Occombe, with stunning valley views and ample indoor and outdoor seating, sits the Occombe Farm Café. This spot welcomes you to relish homemade dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, including those from their farm shop and invites you to experience the joy of our famous farm breakfasts, a diverse lunch menu; speciality mixed salads, and the quintessential afternoon tea. There are options for all, including special menus for children and various free-from choices.

So, whether you indulge in the renowned Occombe breakfast, enjoy a hearty lunch, or treat yourself to afternoon tea, each bite supports TCCT’s noble cause: Good Eating that does Good!


With welcoming spaces for well-behaved dogs and a menu filled with homemade, locally sourced delights, Occombe offers a unique taste of the West Country’s finest while nurturing the area's natural beauty.


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