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UNESCO - Global Geopark

UNESCO - Global Geopark
This status is only awarded to places with internationally important geology and outstanding natural and cultural value. There are now 120 UNESCO Geoparks spread across 33 countries.

Local points of interest

Torquay Museum:-
Ancient bones and tools have been found in the caves (Kents Caverns) and you can see then displayed here at the museum.
Kents Caverns:-
Up to half a million years ago rainwater and underground streams carved out caves in the limestone rocks in Torquay and Brixham. This was when Kents Cavern was created. Mammoth and Wooley Rhinoceroses lived here and the caves became home to wild animals like Sabre Toothed Tigers, Hyenas, Cave Bears and Cavemen
Hopes Nose:-
Is made of limestone and if carefully explored along the rocky shoreline you might still see fossilised corals. While exploring here take a look across to the island called Orestone Rock. The rock here was folded over as it was formed.
Berry Head:-
The same features can be seen at Berry Head where again the rocks were folded over, but you can only see the if you go on a Geoparks boat trip.
A Geoplay Park has been created along the esplanade at Paignton. Great fun for the children.
Geopark Boat Trips:-
These are run from Torquay Marina, with commentary supplied as they examine the bays Geopark coastline.  
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