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We are making early reservations at's email addresses. We offer a forwarded email service to any resident or visitor to Torquay from just £59.00 in a format such as "" or for businesses the  ""

A simple, TLD domain and real name prefix is much easier to remember than one such as steve223!, and you can continue using your email client as you do now.  Please note that some email prefixes are unavailable, and some may carry a higher premium. If you are interested, then use the contact form below.
Each business email also carries a free advert on These examples of premium business names are now for sale.
Many popular Christian names are already reserved. Don't miss out. 
Only one of each is available. Enquire today.

Enquire for your own email address

Please let us know the email address you would like to have, assuming it has not been reserved already.

The email is a forwarding address, so can be used for advertising and to support your involvement and appreciation of Torquay. You will continue to use your normal email address to send. 

Please see email T&C's

Thanks for submitting!

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