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Shaldon Main Beach

Shaldon Main Beach
Shaldon Beach it is a hive of beach activity- Sailing, fishing, swimming, canoeing, rowing and people just messing about in and out of the water. Why not join in the many things that take place such as the Shaldon Regatta, the Water Carnival to name but a few, this is however on the estuary beach off the Strand. At high tide, huge container ships enter the narrow estuary mouth to dock at the Port of Teignmouth - or watch the local rowers compete against each other  or be out in  training. Take a trip to Teignmouth from Shaldon beach  on the oldest passenger ferry in England. Shaldon estuary beach is a mix of shingle and  reddish sand , full of shells and beach treasure. The beach gently slopes towards the mouth of the estuary.?? Near by Shaldon beach are many local shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. From May to September Dog walkers may not walk their dogs on sections of this beach. Teignbridge District Council welcomes responsible dog owners, please clear up after your pet. Nearby  -
  •  Refreshment kiosk
  • Parking –the Ness Car Park
  • Public Toilets
  • Easy access from all main roads and good public transport links from railway stations and bus terminals
  • Ode Cafe
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