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Fairy Cove

Fairy Cove

This pretty little spot is dog friendly and a world away from the main beach, just the other side of the harbour. Loved by locals and a great snorkeling location over the rocks and weed (if you like that) at high tide. Backed by sandstone cliffs and the memorial garden above Fairy Cove can seem like an oasis of calm in the summer as its not well known. 

Steps lead up to Roundham road and onto Goodrington. Locals will also walk around the headland at a low spring tide, but not recommended for the faint hearted and definitely not on an incoming tide.

The beach is fairly sheltered from the wind and waves, particularly at low tide when the beach is separated from the sea by flat rocks. As such, this is a great time to go exploring the rockpools for sea life.

Fairy Cove is a good family beach, and although there isn’t much on the beach itself there are plenty of facilities around the harbour - toilets, cafe etc.

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