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Blue Plaques - English Riviera

Blue Plaques - English Riviera

One of the most interesting ways to discover the heritage of the English Riviera, is to locate the many Blue Plaques to be found in the area.  Did you know for example, that Charles Darwin once leased the magnificent Hesketh Crescent at Meadfoot Sea Road in Torquay. 

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning spent time at the Regina Hotel on Torquay harbourside - The Rev. Henry Lyte, who wrote one most popular hymns of our time - Abide With Me, was written at the Berry Head Hotel in Brixham -Isaac Singer of the famous being machine company lived at Oldway Mansion Paignton - The famous Engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel had a very long association with the area. Y

You will recognise many of the great figures of British history, whose plaques in and around the bay commemorate their well-known achievements.    

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