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Golden Hind

Golden Hind

There's so much to see and explore above and below the five decks of the Golden Hind Museum Ship, with many hands on-exhibits, giving visitors of all ages a wonderful insight into life aboard Sir Francis Drake's Tudor galleon. 

The Golden Hind at Brixham is a full sized replica of one of the most iconic ships from the age of exploration. The Ship has been a feature of picturesque Brixham harbour for over fifty years, entertaining and educating thousands of visitors during this time - as well as being featured on many tv programmes and films. The Ship is open from spring to autumn come rain or shine and is an all-weather attraction with many indoor displays as well as wide open decks. 

A striking landmark in Brixham, every visitor on board contributes to the restoration and maintenance of the Ship, ensuring that 'Brixham's Treasure' will continue to enhance Brixham's beautiful Quayside for future generations... Please check the opening days/ times before travelling. The ship's opening hours may be extended in school holidays. 

 Sir Francis Drake : Sailor, Seaman, Politician and Engineer is best remembered as an explorer. In his most famous ship, The Golden Hind, he became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe in an epic expedition of plunder and discovery over four hundred years ago. The hardship endured in overcrowded and primitive quarters was unbelievable. 

Only 56 men survived with Drake, returning three years and 40,000 miles later, with a vast cargo of treasure worth hundreds of millions of pounds in today's money. Queen Elizabeth I's share alone was more than the country's national debt. 'El Draco' or 'The Dragon' became one of the most famous men in Western Europe, was feared and reviled by the Spanish and was duly knighted in London. Step back in time... Come aboard and explore the Ship that was home to Drake and his crew of seventy men. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of life aboard a Tudor ship. Feel the romance of the seas in the great age of sail. The Ship rises and falls with the tides up to three metres. 

See the Captain and Officers' cabin, how the crew and prisoners slept below decks, the weapons, tools, cannons, artefacts from the age of discovery, the ropes hauled by the sailors, the creak of the timbers, the voices of the crew, treasure, pirates and much more....

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