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Dartmoor Prison Museum

Dartmoor Prison Museum

The museum brings 200 years of the prison to life. Originally built as a prison for French prisoners of war, Dartmoor Prison has since evolved to become a Category C men's prison within the United Kingdom's penal system. The prison is situated on the rugged and remote Dartmoor moorland, providing a unique and somewhat isolated setting.

Dartmoor Prison's architecture is notable, with its imposing granite walls and distinctive Victorian design. The prison's structure, surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Dartmoor, creates a stark and contrasting image.

Over the years, Dartmoor Prison has housed various categories of prisoners, including military prisoners and civilian convicts. Today, it primarily serves as a facility for housing long-term adult male offenders. The prison focuses on providing education, training, and employment opportunities to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of its inmates.

Due to its historical significance and unique location, Dartmoor Prison attracts visitors interested in its history and architecture. However, it's important to note that as a functioning prison, access to the site is restricted, and public tours are not available.

Overall, Dartmoor Prison stands as a reminder of the region's past and continues to play a role in the contemporary criminal justice system as a secure correctional facility.

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