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Compton Castle

Compton Castle

Compton Castle is a rare medieval fortress situated amidst rolling hills and orchards. With its high curtain walls, towers, and portcullis, the castle exudes a captivating blend of romance and history. The Gilbert family, including notable figures such as Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh, has called this castle home for almost six centuries.

Visitors are invited to explore the charming gardens, great hall, sub solar, Chapel, and medieval kitchen within the castle. The gardens, despite their small size, offer a delightful and ever-changing experience throughout the seasons. Noteworthy features include a medieval-style knot garden, a rose garden, and an orchard, each reflecting different aspects of the castle's rich heritage. Take your time strolling through the garden, relishing the variety of plants, sights, and scents.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by well-maintained lawns flanking the central path, adorned with lavender borders. This sunny area provides an ideal spot for traditional games like croquet and quoits, or simply relaxing on the lawn. Beyond a gateway at the lawn's bottom left, an apple orchard comes to life with blossoming apple trees during the spring season.

The squirrel holds significance at Compton Castle, as it was the name of the ship that Sir Humphrey Gilbert sailed on to establish the first English colony in Newfoundland in 1583, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth I. While exploring this cherished family home, keep an eye out for any squirrels that may be present.

The Gilbert family originally designed the garden, which is now meticulously tended to by a National Trust gardener and a team of volunteers. The garden's growth and enhancements, including the addition of a pergola in 2001 and the creation of the medieval-style Knot Garden in 2003, have been made possible through public donations and events. To this day, funds raised through admissions and donations directly contribute to the castle and garden's care and maintenance. In 2022, funds raised at Compton Castle enabled the installation of new oak benches locally carved with the Gilbert Coat of Arms.

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