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Becky Falls

Becky Falls

No visit to Devon would be complete without a visit to Dartmoor's famous Becky Falls, where we've been welcoming visitors since 1903. The falls are an iconic Dartmoor landmark, and a day out here can be as gentle or as adventurous as you wish. 

All of our activities and shows are included in the entry price, so there are no extras to pay once you're inside. So come breathe some of the purest air in England, see the most beautiful place in Devon and enjoy a very, very warm welcome!

 * All activities included in the price 

* Choice of stunning woodland and waterfall walks, graded according to ability 

* Children's letterboxing (find the stamps) trail with free prize for every child 

* Awesome hands-on animal encounter shows at weekends and school holidays, including our "Meet the Meerkats" keeper talk * Feed the animals at our twice-daily feeding sessions 

* Children's Explorer Backpacks available to borrow * Indoor children's crafts and reptile centre 

* Dogs very welcome!

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