Torquay Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes are becoming ever more popular in Torquay.


Torquay Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes are becoming ever more popular in Torquay and Devon in general!

This is almost certainly due to three main factors: a) Many local Victorian buildings and older hotels have been in need of renovation and improvements and many have been converted to stylish modern, contemporary apartments. b) Devon and Torquay is attracting people who wish a better lifestyle and have bought property as their pension and for their retirement c) The economy has meant that many people who would have sold their properties now have trouble and need to rent them out.

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Holiday Home Rentals.

There is a definite trend toward more modern properties with fully inclusive of all costs when renting: Heating, lighting, linen etc. Increasingly these properties are better equipped and many now in superb locations, due to the original Victorian buildings having taken prime positions originally!

Many people who wish to purchase a holiday home need to know what their potential rentals will be as part of the purchase process. This is not a simple equation and depends on several factors such as:

  • Location and views, proximity to attractions beaches and town?
  • Facilities: what is within the accommodation and are there other off -site or on-site facilities (pools, gym, restaurants) etc?
  • How many will it sleep?
  • Pet Friendly or not?

And many more smaller points. These all need considering in respect of return to price.

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As part of our group we are more than happy to provide a free of charge estimate of rental income for any holiday home in Torquay or Devon. Please feel free to contact our Holiday Home division. and ask for further information. See our Devon Holiday Home Portfolio

Discovery Holiday HomesWe can also point you in the direction of good local estate agents and the better locations to buy in respect of rentals.