Devon is one of the most photographic and photographed counties in the country. The simple reason is that Devon is one of the largest counties, a popular tourist destination, has two wildly different coastlines, has Dartmoor and Exmoor national parks and the opportunity to take photographs are simply endless.

Dartmoor ponies, incredible seas, sandy beaches, popular attractions, ancient history, extensive agricultural and moorland land with an abundance of wild animals and cultivated pastures are just a few of Devon’s attractions. These attract millions of visitors and all compete for the tourists spend and attention.

Devon also has the well-known destinations that attract tourists year in and year out: The South Hams, Torbay,  the surfing beaches of North Devon, the cities of Exeter and Plymouth. Hotels and holiday cottages abound and trips on trains, boating excursions, and guided tours and are part of the tourism eco-system.

Everybody is influenced by their eyes, a fleeting glance, then holding their attention for those few vital seconds to pass that important message between viewer and photograph. The emotional connection, the ability to convey subliminal or more obvious messages is part of the photographer’s skill. With information overload, the importance of getting this right is paramount.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression” You need to make it count.

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