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Ships in Torbay.

Torquay and Torbay all fall within Lyme Bay, which faces up the channel, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Zooming out on this screen will show just how busy the waters around our nation are at any moment.

Click on the images to see more information about each ship.

Maritime history

Notable ships named after Torbay

There have been several ships named after Torbay.

  • HMS Torbay, an 80-gun second rate launched in 1693, rebuilt in 1719 and broken up in 1749.

  • HMS Torbay was previously HMS Neptune, a 90-gun second rate launched in 1683, renamed Torbay in 1750 and sold in 1785.

  • HMS Torbay, an S-class destroyer launched in 1919. She was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1928 and renamed

  • HMCS Champlain. She was sold in 1937.

  • HMS Torbay, a T-class submarine, was launched in 1940 and sold in 1945.

  • HMS Torbay, a Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine, was launched in 1985 and is currently in service.

There has also been an HMS Torquay, a Type 12 Whitby-class frigate of the Royal Navy that is no longer in service (image below).


HOME FLEET AT TORBAY - Visitors Day on H.M.S. Nelson in 1934

This is a Pathe News recording from almost 100 years ago

Covid and Torquay

Torbay was a place to shelter and wait out the Covid pandemic. We saw many famous cruise liners biding their time in 2020

Covid Ships.jpg
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