Ships in Torbay

Torbay often has ships at anchor or passing through. We have provided real time charting and information for you.

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Ships in Torbay Right Now

the royalist yacht

This is “The Royalist”, sailing out of Torbay. This is shot before it left the bay. Many ships come and go from Torbay. Some are cruise ships who stay for a few hours or overnight. Others are tankers or cargo ships that may shelter from bad weather. Occasionally we may see a naval vessel.

There have been a number of ships names after Torbay.

HMS Torbay, an 80-gun second rate launched in 1693, rebuilt in 1719 and broken up in 1749.
HMS Torbay was previously HMS Neptune, a 90-gun second rate launched in 1683, renamed Torbay in 1750 and sold in 1785.
HMS Torbay, an S-class destroyer launched in 1919. She was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1928 and renamed HMCS Champlain. She was sold in 1937.
HMS Torbay, a T-class submarine launched in 1940 and sold in 1945.
HMS Torbay, a Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine launched 1985 and currently in service.

HMS Torbay

There has also been an HMS Torquay, which was a Type 12 Whitby-class frigate of the Royal Navy which is now now longer in service.

The Royalist \(image above) is 76 ft 6 in long yacht built by Groves and Guttridge in Cowes, Isle of Wight. She is built of steel and has a traditional square-rigged brig layout. Almost every week of the year, Sea Cadets and 8 permanent members from all over the UK, join the ship and spend the week on board working as part of the crew. Many different parts of the UK & France are visited, sailing from her home berth in Gosport to Southampton, Poole, Cherbourg, St Helier, Brest and the Isle of Wight.