Devon Holiday Cottages

Devon cottages conjure up ideas of romantic retreats or a retirement idyll.

Devon Holiday Cottages

Many people dream of retiring to a Devon cottage, surrounded by roses with a lovely garden and native wildlife (maybe some gentle music playing in the background), a local pub, and friendly locals!

Devon Cottages

Devon with its moors, rolling hillsides, wooded areas and sea reaches has all manner of cottages. These can be of the idyllic type with small windows, low beamed ceilings, an open fire, an Aga and a thatched roof! Or they can be modern replicas with all mod cons, but equally attractive and minus the ghosts.  Perhaps a half way house is best with a renovated cottage incorporating all the modern attributes that make a home cosy and comfortable.

Cottages are often to be found in places where manual work was undertaken or where occupations involved monitoring locations or supporting land owners in management of their estates.These cottages were homes for families for hundreds of years as they went about their daily tasks. Country based farmers cottages, moor based mining cottages and coastguard cottages on rocky headlands are just three of the better known ones that have been adopted in later years as second homes or holiday cottages.

Once derelict and unloved, the modern lifestyle and desire to get away from the maddening crowds and take some well earned leisure time has seen prices rise substantially and continues to do so,taking them out of reach of many people.

Cottages are these days used to describe a larger array of architectural designs and some of this is our marketing hype, so whether these are terraced cottages, small Devon longhouses or converted modern bungalows, many have all the attributes to attract buyers.

Many of these cottages however are available for holiday rental and can provide an idea of just what it may be like to live in a location in a dream home! If you would like to see a range of Devon holiday cottages then please visit our partners website.

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